Loading animation for Brian Casel's Processkit

If you're an aspiring Indiehacker, or just generally interested in hearing about the weekly developments of two very effective business people, and don't listen to Bootstrapped Web, then you're missing out.

I've been listening to Brian and Jordan's podcast for years now. I put it up there with Rogue Startups, Startups For The Rest Of Us, and Indiehackers in terms of quality and good takeaways.

A while back Brian mentioned he was working on a side-project,  Sunrise KPI. As soon as I saw the logo, I knew I wanted to animate it. I whipped up an animation and sent it over to Brian for his consideration, and after some back and forth we agreed this was the winner:

Side note - I actually wanted to make this animation because I wanted to try out Anima - so far I like it for little animations like these!

Then, some months later, Brian reached out because he'd like another animation for Processkit - and I was more than happy to oblige (animation is a bit of a guilty pleasure - I really should have been working on referextra.com, or tripcoster.com, or even mydevportfol.io!)

Here are the options I came up with for Brian to choose from

Which one's your favourite?

Myself and Brian both agreed that Loader 4 was the winner.

And now, I'm happy to say it's in live use in his app, Processkit!

Look at it go!

This was a fun little project, let me know what you think. Could it be improved??

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