I like to keep my coding skills current, so I often hack away at things that solve problems I think should be solved. See below a list of websites and apps that I've built over the years, all in varying states of reliability and completeness.

In Active Development/Maintenance

I built this project to explore some new technologies (Nuxt3, Supabase, and AI in general) and also to solve a problem for people when thinking about their next hairstyle. Often it's really difficult to know what might look good on you. Thanks to AI, you can now see a preview of what it might look like with long hair, short curly hair, a pompodour style or even dreads - all without having to grow your hair out or taking a scissors to it.


In late 2021 I made the move from Android to iPhone. Pushbullet was an app I used daily on my Android, primarily for moving content (text, images and other files) across devices. I missed it dearly on iOS. So, I set about building myself a cross-platform app for iOS, Android and web that would let me do everything like before, so I build Pushpop throughout the 2022 year.


I built this project over Christmas/new years 2020/21. I needed a Flipdish detox and I just went head-first into this project as an excuse to code. The idea came from the fact that Flipdish, like most companies, will need some sort of desk reservation software in the near future when the country emerges from our Covid lockdown.

As I said to the CEO, I don't expect we'll use this app, it was really just an excuse to code. Also, I wanted to explore some common whitelabel funcionality, like custom fonts, custom localisation, etc.


Referextra is a product I built to help affiliates in the travel space make more money. It encompasses a suite of products that help websites manage their referral links better, and improve them with AB testing over time.


A project for giving companies a quick and easy way to visualise their real-time impact on the world. A dashboard that they can proudly display in their lobby or lounge that shows real-time information about what their company is doing. Think orders or sales being displayed as they happen, across the globe.


This is a side project I built to help developers and programmers quickly build effective portfolios using their GitHub profile. It's an angular 4+ application running on a nodejs backend, hosted on Heroku. The app uses an API built on the backend to generate single-page websites, using Handelbarsjs as the templating engine.

Custom Chrome Extension Manager

This was a project initially started with a good friend of mine Ciaran Maguire when we were both trying to hone our web development skills.

We wanted an extensions manager that looked good and had "groups" so we could toggle on and off multiple extensions at once.

So far it's doing really well, we're really happy with it for the moment, but have ideas as to how it could be monetised. Whenever we get a free couple of days, we might try that out.

"Abandonware" :/

These projects are some that I need to get back to, at some stage, but are all probably somewhat broken, if not entirely not working... :(

Tripcoster is a project I built to solve my own problem of quickly finding out all I need to know about a potential trip destination. I want to know flight prices, accommodation prices, availability for both (specifically direct flights), and stuff to do there, as well as the weather. So far I have it set up so that I'm an affiliate for flights and accomodation.

Right now, I'm pretty sure it's entirely broken. I need to update the APIs it uses.

This simple 2-page website is something I built for myself when I was searching for a 9-5 job. I got tired of putting the same search terms in across 3-4 different sites. So, I built a simple web app that uses jquery on the frontend and nodejs on the backend.

A custom-built API on the backend accepts the keywords and location from the frontend and scrapes the 3 sites listed (, and, and then returns the results in a JSON object that the frontend can show using Handlebarsjs for templating.

This was a fun project too, and I haven't worked on it in a while. But, I don't want to kill it just yet. Maybe next time I'm looking for a job it'll vome in handy again. :)

Domain Name Generator

I wanted a tool that I could use to find available domain/company names for my side projects. I wanted to find names via alternative spellings, translations, and appending/prepending popular adjectives or nouns. Currently broken due to an API error :(

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