April 2022 update

The highlight of recent weeks was being a guest on Niall Maher's podcast to talk about my Product journey and my experience seeing Flipdish grow to become a unicorn. You can listen to that here.

Aside from that, the karting season has kicked off again! This season has a regional and national championship for the T4. I missed the first regional round in Kiltorcan, but caught two weekends in Kartworld in Watergrasshill in Co. Cork. Check out my analysis and summary of that track.

My plan was to re-assess do I really want to keep karting - do I still enjoy it? After the first two races, I found myself looking for a camper van to invest in that had a built-in garage/workshop. So yes, I still enjoy it! :D

Finally, I wanted to share something I learned about hiring recently. Video job descriptions work really well! Check out this one I made for a role I'm hiring for right now in Flipdish. This role is amazing, but also sort-of hard to explain, so I thought a video would be good. So far I've been getting some really solid inbounds as a result.

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