Things I ask when writing my morning journal

If you're reading this, you don't need to be told about morning journaling being awesome, you've probably been doing and realised how great it is for helping you reach your goals. So now, you're probably looking for ways you can make your morning journaling even better. So, here's a list of questions and thoughts I use in order to get the ball rolling.

Questions to ask to enhance your journaling

  1. What risk will you take today?
  2. How will you embrace discomfort today?
  3. Your life is a book, and you are both the main character and the author. What will you write next that will keep the reader engaged?
  4. What scares you right now?
  5. What opportunities may arise today for you to learn something, and to teach someone something?
  6. How could you help someone today?
  7. How will you inject FUN into your goal today?
  8. What did you write in your journal 6 months ago? How were you feeling?
  9. How can you stack the deck in your favour today? What can you simplify or make easier to achieve?
  10. What are you thankful for today?

And remember

  • Make your decisions binary. Remove the option of not doing something or compromising on something, and all of a sudden it's a lot easier to do.
  • You know the answer to the question already. Just ask it and have the balls to listen to your gut instinct.
  • Do a brain dump of words that are in your brain right now. Just get them onto the page and out of your mind.
  • Keep your eyes on your goal, focus on the strategy, and execute the daily tasks of that strategy today with ruthless pragmatism.

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