You can expect roughly 1-2 emails per month from me, depending on the lists you subscribe to. I'm really careful about spamming people's inboxes (I hate that too), so if you ever feel I'm overdoing it, please let me know.

Every email I send has to provide value, whether it's a free template, an animation tutorial or an insight into one of my side projects.

After subscribing please go to the "update preferences" link in the email and tick/untick the lists you'd like to be a part of.

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What to expect from each list

Free templates

Add yourself to this list to be emailed whenever I add a new web developer/programmer free template. I'm building them for use in my side project, so any and all feedback is much appreciated.

Updates about side projects

I dabble with side projects almost constantly, usually just for fun but almost always with the view to making them somewhat commercial. It'd be nice if something I made in my spare time could give me some beer money.

I like following others that are doing this, so if you want to be emailed about blog posts where I'm discussing my latest project and things I'm trying, tick this box.

CSS animation examples and tutorials

I've become a little obsessed with making loading spinners for my side projects, and currently the best way is to use CSS animations (with GIF fallback). If you'd like to be emailed about any tutorials I make, or examples/code sharing, subscribe to this list.

All blog posts

Sometimes I rant and rave about different things, I've no idea what my next post will be that will fall into this category, but if you want to subscribe to all emails I send out, tick this box. :)

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