The products, tools and technologies I use on a daily basis to get things built

I got the idea for this page from Wes Bos's /uses/ page. I think it's great to share the tools and workflows we use, and I myself often get asked things like what editor I use, what's my tech stack for my projects, and what products I use to give them the best chance of success. Below is my current "Indiehacker stack".

This is of course an ever-changing array of things, but I'll keep it updated as best I can, and I'm more than open to suggestions for improvement.

Btw - where I can, I've added affiliate links (marked with $ sign). I'm only linking to products I use on a daily basis and personally vouch for - nobody's paid to be listed here. If you want to sign up to anything, I'd appreciate clicking the link, it might buy me a coffee or two :)


$ - Simple Analytics. All the way. I love it.
It's easy to set up (especially with Vue), privacy focused, and is run by two guys who are passionate about what they do. I love that I can support them.

Domain names and Hosting


  • $-Mailchimp (use this link for $30 credit) for email markeing. Quick and easy to set up and get moving with, and has a generous free plan.

CDN and Payments

  • Cloudflare - they've got a free tier and it's really easy to set up and use.
  • Stripe for handling any payments


  • 2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch.

Editor and Terminal

  • VS code as text editor (although I do look back on Sublime Text fondly sometimes)
  • Hyper as terminal - very clean UI and nifty features like copy-paste

Blog framework & theme

Ghost blog, with the Advant theme

App Framework

This can obviously differ from project to project, but I usually try to keep it as minimal and simple as I can, without restricting the product's growth. My go-to options for the moment are

  • Standard HTML, CSS and jQuery for a quick page that doesn't need to do much (for instance,
  • Vue.js - for both single page apps and static-websites (Nuxt for static websites).
  • Express.js with Nodejs server-side for API work.
  • Ionic for any mobile-specific applications I need to get up and running
  • Handelbars.js for any non-Vue templating requirements.
  • for my CSS framework. Love it.
  • Firebase for all database requirements.

Chrome Extensions

Custom Chrome.


Image credit unsplash-logoChristopher Burns

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