Who I follow

I find it's helpful to understand who others are listening to and following. I like being able to discover other influential people I can listen to. So here's mine.



This guy is a legend in the world of building side businesses, and specifically in being a digital nomad. Start with his goal of 12 startups in 12 months.

Derek Sivers - sivers.org

I find Derek's take on life and business really interesting. He creates great short-form content on things and has fantastic book recommendations. He created a business called CDbaby back in the day, made his money and now writes.

Tim Ferris - tim.blog

Tim is a wildly successful entrepreneur who is not one of the best podcast interviewers there are. He views his job as asking the most successful people in the world how they do what they do and giving us plebeians tips on how to be better at life. Long episodes but there's always something to be taken from them.

Steve Shoger @steveschoger - refactoring UI

This guy - if you want to know how to create better UI for your apps - follow him and buy his book. Even just follow him on Twitter for excellent UI design tips.

Scott Galloway (Youtube)

His weekly winners and losers usually has very interesting info about current goings-on in the world of business and tech.


Art of product

Ben Oreinstein is building Tuple, a pair programming app for developers. The weekly episodes are an absolute staple of my podcast listening.

Startups for the rest of us

Excellent show about startups with a massive back-catalogue. What's great is that they focus on small startups, bootstrapped companies built by one or a handful of people, not the massive silicon valley crap.

The Prof G Show

If Youtube isn't your thing, get your dose of Scott Galloway in podcast form. I find Scott really insightful when it comes to tech and business. Always a good listen and entertaining. If you like this one, you'll also like Pivot where he talks twice weekly with Kara Swisher about tech and business. Again, always a good listen.


Finish - Jon Acuff

Mindset - Carol Dweck

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