These are the products/side-projects that I'm currently working on. Some I've left on the back-burner and are almost "abandonware" territory, but others I actively work on and develop. I'm always open to new opportunities, so if you have an idea you'd like built, let me know: [email protected] or @cderm on Twitter


This is a side project I built to help developers and programmers quickly build effective portfolios using their GitHub profile. It's an angular 4+ application running on a nodejs backend, hosted on Heroku. The app uses an API built on the backend to generate single-page websites, using Handelbarsjs as the templating engine.

This is my current project, and the responses have been mixed to negative from those I've shown it to. Although the UX has gotten better, it's still lacking, and I'm very close to re-working it (again).

It's actually quite an enjoyable project, and I'm (trying) to use free templates as "lead magnets" to build a list with which the app could then launch to. If I'm honest, it's not going fantastically well, but I'm learning. :)

This simple 2-page website is something I built for myself when I was searching for a 9-5 job. I got tired of putting the same search terms in across 3-4 different sites. So, I built a simple web app that uses jquery on the frontend and nodejs on the backend.

A custom-built API on the backend accepts the keywords and location from the frontend and scrapes the 3 sites listed (, and, and then returns the results in a JSON object that the frontend can show using Handlebarsjs for templating.

This was a fun project too, and I haven't worked on it in a while. But, I don't want to kill it just yet. Maybe next time I'm looking for a job it'll vome in handy again. :)