Hey Hostelgeeks!

Only you can see this page (well, anyone with the exact link of course).

I'm Chris, I work for Hostelworld - managing the blog, and I'm working on a side project that I think can make both our blogs more money via affiliate sales.

Take a look at my idea below, mocked up on your post about Hanoi. Can you see how it might help users make a decision to book a trip from your site? It would provide your readers with live, contextual information about flights from their location and accomodation costs at the destination

I'm thinking this should boost affiliate revenue for you, but I'm eager to test it. Would this be something you'd be interested in testing on your site?

Let me know directly at [email protected] I'd also be extremely open to critical feedback about why it wouldn't work, it'd save me the effort of building and testing it! :D

Cheers guys.